Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“In my opinion there is no company in the field that can match the LoCTa service”
Neil Egan Debt Enforcement Manager. City and County of Cardiff.

DWP Link

The Benefits Search has a unique link to the DWP debt recovery system which provides additional benefit information not held in Authority records. In addition the link provides HMRC employer information (P45), where available. LoCTA Search is the only data exchange system that provides this service.

The information provided by the link includes:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • NINO
  • Date of Birth
  • Match Type
  • Quality Legend
  • Benefit Type
  • Total Weekly Benefit Rate
  • Method of Payment
  • District office code
  • Branch office code
  • Non—dependent details
  • Date of last payment
  • Employer
  • Employer Address
  • P45 information where available
  • Telephone Number
  • Evening Telephone Number
  • Date Of Death

The combination of the Benefits Module and the DWP Link enables Authorities to trace debtors efficiently, on both a local and national basis, thereby helping to improve overpayment recovery.