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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“LoCTa is brilliant, it provides is with good hits and we have found it to be very successful”
Mike Brooks Senior Systems Control Officer. Gravesham Borough Council.

PSN Hosting

MAG:NET Solutions has it’s own Public Service Network (PSN) connection which allows the supply of electronic services to communicate with government departments securely and reliably, allowing the exchange of information with a protective marking up to and including IL2 Official Sensitive.

The UK Public Services Network (PSN) is a secure wide area network (WAN) that allows officials at local Public Sector organizations to interact and share data privately and securely with central government departments, such as the National Health Service, the Criminal Justice Extranet and the Police National Network.

MAG:NET is experienced in developing, hosting and supporting PSN based solutions and services such as LoCTA Search, and NRPF Connect. Any Local Authority or Government organisation requiring a PSN hosted solution can contact us for more details.