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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“During the first 3 months of using LoCTa Search the Council located 31 debtors.”
Sam Allibone Revenues Monitoring Office. Wrexham County Borough Council

NRPF Connect

NRPF Connect will provide the necessary structure for Local Authorities to accurately account for the NRPF cases they support under social services legislation and share information with the Home Office over a secure intranet system by making use of the Public Services Network (PSN).

The national database will also provide the Home Office with the information required to track and monitor those families and individuals that have not left the country and remain in receipt of services through Local Authority assistance.

For both the Home Office and Local Authorities, it allows the sharing of intelligence regarding cases supported, identify any potential fraud and allow for joint resolution of cases. Resolution of cases includes removing individuals who should not be in the UK (but cannot be left homeless by the Local authority), or granting Leave to Remain to those who cannot reasonably be expected to leave the UK.

There is also increasing concern among Local Authorities regarding the cost of providing care services to destitute people from abroad who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF). This is because Local Authorities are not reimbursed by central government for the costs of providing support to this client group, even where duties under social services or Human Rights legislation are defined.

MAG:NET Solutions are delighted to be involved in the NRPF Connect project and to be working in partnership with Islington Council and the Home Office in the specification, design, development and delivery of the NRPF Connect solution.

NRPF Connect is hosted by MAG:NET Solutions and is only accessible over the Public Services Network (PSN) by registered Users.

Technical and User Support is also provided by the MAG:NET Support Teams.